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Acelsys Sdn. Bhd. is a technology company specializing in customized end-to-end payment, customer relationship and loyalty management solutions for the financial industry in particular and other businesses in general.


Our company was founded in 1998 by Mr. CW Loke. Mr. Loke has over 25 years experience in the computer/IT industry and has been a witness and participant in the growth of the Malaysian ICT industry from its infancy in the early eighties of the last century to its current matured state.


As a software house, our mission is to provide robust, reliable, technically advanced, yet affordable solutions to the enterprises. Our solutions are based on industrial strength Unix/Linux and Java(J2EE) platforms that are used by Fortune 500 corporations throughout the world. Our web-based and Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) solutions ensure easy deployment to geographically dispersed areas, and also easy integration with existing legacy applications that you may already have.


Our proven track record in customer loyalty/ payment/credit reference industries resulted in many happy corporate customers.

About Us About Us

Provided Proven Tracks Records

Below are some of the projects that we have completed for our clients:

1. Credit Reference System

2. Telco Black List System

3. Customer Loyalty System

4. Third Party Claim Administration System

5. Customer Relationship Management System

6. Shopping Voucher Trading System

7. Credit File Management System


  1. Credit Reference System                                                             

This is a system used by credit reference agency to collect, manage, and distribute credit reference information of individuals and companies in Malaysia from divest sources. The system has massive databases, e.g. 15 million records of Malaysian national registration ICs. It also handles real time concurrent access as it is integrated using a SOA architecture to most of the financial institutions(banks, finance/insurance companies) in Malaysia.


  1. Telco Black List System                                                               

This system consolidates all the defaulter blacklists from all the mobile telcos in Malaysia, so that defaulters cannot default payment from one telco and trying to obtain services from another telco. The system is integrated with various other telco internal system using web services. It is able to handle real time concurrent access to add, update and remove records from the defaulter database.


This system has greatly improve the telcos' credit control, and enhanced their customer relationship management, as defaulters can be de-listed in a real time manner.


Currently the system is used by all the major mobile telcos in Malaysia.


  1. Customer Loyalty System                                                           

This system manages customer loyalty reward program in a multi-merchants environment. It has an integrated terminal management module that allows loyalty points to be rewarded or redeemed using EFTPOS terminals and ISO8583 messaging format. It handles real time, concurrent processing of loyalty point transactions.


  1. Third Party Claim Administration System                               

This system manages hospitalisation insurance claims for foreign workers admitted in government hospitals. The foreign worker hospitalisation scheme was initiated by the Ministry of Health in an attempt to recover millions of ringgit lost due to unpaid bills by foreign workers. The scheme is managed by MOH appointed TPCA(Third Party Claim Administrator).


This system allows online processing of all claims in a paperless manner. The filing, assessment, and approval of claims are all done through a web interface. It has an integrated document/image management module where bills, medical reports etc can be stored electronically.


  1. Customer Relationship Management System                        

This system handles customer service of a local company dealing in mobile reloads using EFTPOS terminals. It provides paperless handling of customer complaints. Customer complaints, including return of goods and refund, can be submitted using various channels, such as SMS,fax, emails, or phone call. Once a complaint is received, the system stored the complaint electronically. Processing of the complaints by customer service representatives are done online and through a web interface. The system generates various reports to track the progress status of each complaints and monitors the quality of customer service.


  1. Shopping Voucher Trading System                                           

This system allows participating merchants to sell shopping vouchers to customers using EFTPOS terminals. The EFTPOS terminals communicate with the main server using ISO8583 messaging protocol via PSTN dialup lines and through a Network Access Controller(NAC). The system also incorporated a customer loyalty module


  1. Credit File Management System                                                

This is a portal system where subscribers to the system are able to manage their customer credit files electronically using online web interface. Subscribers can import customer account information to the portal, perform credit reference checks, rate the customers, and monitor customers' credit worthiness. These allow account managers and credit controllers to have up-to-date information on their customers and take appropriate actions before situation worsen.