Food Court Management System Food Court Management System

Food Court Management System


For the food court operator who wants to maximize their business, our solution has the following benefits:

  • Improved profitability by elimination of pilferage

    • Cash lost to cashier

    • Unreported sales by cashier/stall operator

  • Improved cash flow by better cash collection

    • Upfront and direct cash collection

  • Increased sales by improving customer experience

    • Less hassle for purchases

  • Increase peak hour sales

    • Eliminates waiting time for cash payment/changes at stalls leading to higher customer turnover

  • Improved management efficiency by using total integrated computerized system

    • Online access to latest transaction details

    • Online access to management reports

  • Improved overall image by using hi-tech system

    • Contactless e­purse token

    • Intelligent payment Point of Sale (POS)


Food court operators in China, Thailand, Vietnam and many other countries are using this advanced solution to maximize their profits. You can do the same.


How the system works – prepaid scenario




How the system works – postpaid scenario




Simple System Architecture





Software Architecture



If you want to implement this effective solution, contact us for a demonstration.